Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little Wonder Vacuum For Sale

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David Bravo, the leading opponent of the Act
Now to the point. Although I was relieved to learn that the Law Sinde (also called the Law of Sustainable Economy) was suspended, not forget that all is not yet won the day 18 will be brought to the Senate, and once again, we are in danger of being approved.

For those isolated from the subject, quickly summarize what the law, or more specifically in the field of computer which is what interests me: remove the P2P (peer to peer), that is, if this bill is passed, no more downloads on the Internet. Internet will be a free medium, like so many things that are losing the freedom they had before.

Although many actors, singers, etc. have been bothered by this suspension, not everyone thinks the same. Microsoft itself is against these settings (and then tell you only think about profit and privatization of the software and not what trinkets) ... Miguel Bosé himself out complaining that piracy hurt the music business.

Well for this, I will go for parties, as said Jack the Ripper. " First of all I mean the great David Bravo, a lawyer specializing in intellectual property that protects the right to share data over the Internet.

This lawyer said in February 2010 that in cases of shock that stopped people for file sharing, I let go because the judges found no crime in that and what was intended was to change judges private institutions.

Returning to the subject without deviations, if this passes, the General Society of Authors can close websites without going through the court. MegaVideo, CineTube, and so many pages closed. Even YouTube is affected.

But piracy is as bad as the paint? Is it so bad that people will download a music CD? No, and anyone who says otherwise, which lies villain.

The same lawyer has several examples that I will share. The first, his own: in 2005 wrote an essay called "Back this book", which under a Creative Commons License (allowing copyright to), put the public in a standard physical format (a book) and a free download digital format (PDF). He said it had promoted the sale of the book, Instead of making fewer copies were sold.

Another example he gave was a graph, referred to the concept of music, piracy, artists' earnings rose while the record fell. So this is the point: piracy hurts writers ... or industry? Logic, industry, and is trying to stop the advance because, basically, they refuse to change the business model, which is what so many problems could be avoided if "piracy" or "private copying ".

addition, this is what drives up the number of people going to ocnciertos, and also "piracy" means that artists are forced to give concerts to eat. Before, if you said "I will work" was to go one day a live recording and time benefits. However, people like the live show, which is what you get with this. And also, is a good screening: a singer who does not give concerts, singer who is going to hell.

Many authors, some time ago, were against piracy. Do not remember who, but it was an artist who said "Because of piracy we starve!". I would have thought ... not be very unfortunate because in a Mercedes came to the demonstration. Rather than I say that piracy is a thing of the luxuries that you allow yourself.

And then there are video games. Manuel del Campo, director of Hobby Consolas, published on his blog complaining about the negative Hobbynews Sinde because the video game industry loses a lot for this ... and I say: why does this happen?

Basically, I think people are without a hard fucking (and pardon the expression, but it is the finest I've found) and therefore can not afford to spend 40, 50, 60, 80 euros on something will use two weeks until the end.

That does not mean you have to pay, but the point is that prices to conform to the public purse. On the other hand, if people down, it means they like, what greater satisfaction than a job that appeals to people?

Anyway, now only wait to see sense and overturn the law or we will be stuck in the shit.


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